Save Yourself

As I child , I was suicidal , and I am also a victim of rape . The two often went hand in hand , every time I was sexually assaulted I would try to kill myself , thinking that it would in a way make everything stop . Death is not the answer . Rape and suicide are both two things that happen daily all over the world . Research states that 17.7 million women are victims of rape and its said that every 12 minutes someone committees suicide . It not only hurts my hearts but breaks it as well to know that there are people out there just like me , and that they are still going through what I went through ages ago . It also hurts to know that there are parents that ignore this , councils that dont take interest and siblings that actually think it’s a lie . I also am aware that there are some individuals that’s just don’t say anything to anyone at all , but that’s not the right route to go . The first step to being believed is at least saying something . It’s never to late to speak up . Millions will listen .

I am here for you , I will listen , I care and I understand .


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