Black is beautiful

Hey guys and gals , now before I even start to express my opinion on this topic I just want to start by saying , I do not mean to offend anybody . So lets get started , its been a lot of controversy about African American women and sometimes men , about  not loving their natural hair . Well , one thing I’ve learned about ” loving your natural hair” is that it comes with your growth . Somebody that hasn’t grown into their inner goddess , or god wont love their natural self . The African American race has been brainwashed for hundreds of years being told that we have to look , act , and portray ourselves to be something that we are not . So if your still under that tradition of brainwash your going to feel the need to wear other people’s hair , and the false eye lashes and nails , just to feel accepted by people that do not matter . Now I know a lot of you are probably saying to yourself that I am a big hypocrite because I’ve worn weave before and still to this day I wear false eyelashes and fake nails , but like I said the acknowledgment comes with your growth . Due to my growth I have now stopped wearing weave , and soon will be preparing for either a transition to natural no processed hair , or the big chop . I will slowly but surely let go of all the other unnecessary products that I use to enhance my perfection . After asking around , most guys prefer their women natural . Its sexy for a man to be able to rub his hands through your hair and he feels your scalp and not thread . Ladies , your hair is not the problem , its beautiful , remember natural kinky hair cannot be bought , love yourself .


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