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Its okay to miss someone

There are a million females in the world , about 99% of those girls get heartbroken everyday , hey , i’m a victim myself. We as girls sometimes tell ourselves that we wont ever to be able to move on , feeling as if our last relationship was so perfect and was going to be our last . We then force ourselves to forget about this person because we feel so hurt . Then the memories come , we ignore them , lie to ourselves , and tell ourselves we no longer care because for whatever reason , these days everybody thinks its cool to be heartless. Well news flash , its not . The biggest problem today is that nobody actually feels anything , and if they do , its hatred. Missing somebody is okay , even if they have hurt you and tremendously impacted your whole emotion system , causing you to never want to love again , its okay because guess what ? One day you will , you will love again , and you will indeed miss that other person that caused you heartache . Unfortunately its a natural occurrence that we cant control , so stop trying to . Forcing yourself to not love and care and miss other people is one of the main things causing bitterness , and emotions that you truly are not supposed to feel . Stop listening to those “friends” that give the type of advice like ” girl , he did you wrong forget about him ” , or ” that boy is not worth your time” , even if their right , even if he is not worth your time thinking about him or missing him wont hurt you . Of course it’ll feel like it hurts because that person was once your whole entire world but that feeling will pass . Its completely okay to miss someone , stop letting society tell you other wise .


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