Love …. And then some.

On September 15 ,  I started a relationship that i had no site in . I didnt have a clue what was going to happen , but it happened . Your wondering , what happened .. well we happened . The lucky guy Is Mark , Mark Mosely to be exact . Tall , extremely intelligent and handsome in ways that the outside isnt allowed to show . In the begining  everything seemed nearly perfect , i couldnt stop myself for smiling and I didnt know why . It was like a fairy tale . My life got crazy shortly after , i was scared it would run him away , it didnt though . Ive had times in my life where mentally , physically , and emotionally i didnt know where to go . My body was on the streets , my mind was roaming the world , and my emotions was in the hands of someone else . Mark was there though . The whole time . Not one complaint , no one huff or puff . Ive always been the type of person that felt the need to save someone . To help them , recover their pureness . This was different though , as i explained to my mother ” it seems as if Mark is saving me “. I had never felt such a rush . I was uncertain of the feeling , but it was love . You know that feeling of every emotion at once but its so strong you cant even put words around it . Im not even sure if love cuts it … It was love and then some . It was the act of picking up every broken piece of me and slowing gluing them back together , only this time , for good . He started from the roots , he went from the emotions to the thoughts . Everything about me changed . Ive never met a human being so sincere in everything he does . His  zodiac signs explains it all , which  by the way matches perfectly with mine . Planning on a amazing future Mark and I , plan to continue our quest in saving eachother . It feels good to not have to do all the work . Falling in love is beautiful , everyone deserves a fair chance at it .


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