Why you mad ?

So the word “bih” has became so commonly used that people are thinking its okay to use it to refer to children. Rapper Plies , reposted a video of Young Thug’s daughter saying ” im motherfucking tired ” . Now first of all she shouldnt be cursing like that at her age , and second of all what idiot of a mother would post that and think it was cool . People are doing anything for money these days .But back to the issue at hand . When Plies posted the video he captioned it sayinig ” Mood Bih ” . Its said that plies wasnt even the one to post the video , but lets be serious , who else would log on to his page and post that . Plies plays entirely way too much .  Of course that caused escalation . Young thug’s response was of course violent , but then later came back and said he understands that plies didnt post the video but when he asked him to take it down he didnt . So thats where the beef is coming from . Now , here is my problem.

Rappers like Young Thug go about in all their songs constantly calling females ” bitches ” but when the word its flipped back and directed at somebody they care about it becomes a issue . You cant do that . Your contradicting yourselves . Why do men feel okay with calling us that anyways , and ladies why do we accept it so freely. Respect plays a major role . Females are not dogs , females are the center of the universe , everything that comes with us , provides life for all things . So to disrespect us , even in the slightest way , shows how much of an coward you really are . The term  ” bad bitch ” still doesnt justify the term being able to be said . Ladies , your a goddess not a bad bitch , your body is your temple , and your mind is your richies , stop letting people abuse it and you stop self destructing . I would have a lot to say to young thug about his contradiction . Dont put out what you dont want to be brought to you .


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