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Dont get involved in the hype , and please dont settle . Sitting with my bestfriend the other day conversing over plans , goals , memories and tons of other shit , we came across a word . “Settling” . People are settling . Im watching people do nothing with their lives when they have opportunities passing them by . My thing is , nowadays people arent risky . They aren’t dangerous . They dont have any type of flavor . Everybody is fucked up mentally . Kissing demons just to feel loved . Working in hell holes just to get by . What is this universe doing to us ? Running us around in circles . So then you settle . But you cant forget about the ones that fall into the hype . They fall in love with materialistic beings . Yes BEINGS AS IN HUMAN BEINGS . The ones with flashy jewels and blue face hundreds just to really have . I almost did that . Then i got plucked like a daisy . Back into reality . Realizing that realilty is what i want it to be . I can do whatever i want to do . Even if its nothing at all . I refuse to settle . To all my seniors class of 17′ this is our year . Please dont settle . We are still making history


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