ive cried so many nights , ive had to look myself in the eyes and said “justice will be served.” See at first he was my step dad but now ? A pervert , he is not a man he is a being of destruction . I’ve been being chased by the same image for years , I’ve heard the same voice in my ears gosh I’ve been so traumatized .. this rape has made me …….insecure . people think I’m being ignorant when I reject their compliments but they have to understand that due to him I didn’t have confidence .. my story is so cliche it’s like a new girl is raped every day and it’s not funny it’s sad , because just like me some of those girls were malested by their dads .. I’ve been looking at life through a mask , I’ve been so scared to get attached , but now it’s over . He has just been sentenced to life in prison and we will never breath the same air again and I don’t want to sound arrogant but I still wish more on him . Not death but torture , the guys in there are gonna eat him alive because they know what it was like when someone raped their daughter . He doesn’t deserve to be on the face of this earth but if he is instead of it being a blessing , it’ll be a curse . My god doesn’t like to see his children hurt and for years I thought he didn’t hear me , so I want to take the time out of this journal to say thank you god for putting that dog in a kennel , because not only did he fuck up my mental but he messed it up for everybody that approached me … I can finally breath again , do you know what this means for me ?


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